Marcio Dpaulla Consultancy

In February 1998, was born in a small office in São Paulo, Brazil, Marcio Dpaulla Consultancy.  With the desire to bring customers a new configuration in service and quality of Business Administration, Finance, Communication, Information & Technology. Graduated in business administration by the University Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The great admiration for Business Administration, Financial and Taxation made me increasingly providing academic and corporate business, and thus, offer the best for companies, customers, and friends for which I had the privilege of providing my services.

In July of 2011 another major achievement, I finished my specialization in Taxation and Financial Management from the University Nove de Julho, São Paulo, Brazil.  My passion for business administration propelled me beyond national borders, bringing me to the California in 2012 where I am studying International Accounting and taking Designated Subjects Career Technical Education Teaching Credential at University of California Berkeley, Berkely, CA.

This passion brought me to Martinez Adult Education, in September 2014 where I have the great honor to teach the subjects of Business, Finance, Communication and Information Technology for Career Technical Education, for adult learners. Winner Award 2015 Friend of Adult Education by California Council for Adult Education Contra Costa County for all volunteering services to Martinez Unified School District at the Business Training Center.

Our mission is to be among the best in the field of Business Consulting and Corporate Training. The global and interactive world where we live today propelled us to adjust the actual needs of the companies we serve, where the requested services become ever more immediate for making decisions.

Making a difference means people who create real value for society, and who create value before claiming value. I’ve not found anyone who begrudges a leader for claiming value after creating value. Rather, the recent economic crisis showed us too many examples of leaders who claimed value without creating any. It is worth noting here that there are many ways of making a positive difference: as an investor, as a general manager, as an entrepreneur, as an active citizen of your community. Indeed, what distinguishes Serafim Dpaulla Consultancy is that our clients provide leadership in all walks of life.

Our vision will set the standard for residential liberal arts and sciences education in the twenty-first century. We are committed to creating and sustaining the conditions that enable all of us to experience an unparalleled professional and educational journey that is intellectually, socially, and personally transformative.


Among many customers and businesses by which I was privileged to offer my services, some have contributed in a special way for my track record, and they are: Holy Mercy Hospital in Avaré, SP, and Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil, Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil, SP Brazil, El Shaddai Accounting, PR Brazil Trash Chic – Atelier de Costura Iberico, SP Brazil, SRC Business Solutions, SP Brazil, Colonel Jacob Cruz, SP Brazil, Charles M. Martin Accountant, CA U.S., Martinez Adult Education, CA U.S.

Other activities that bring joy to my heart and enhance my life are: cooking, walking, reading, classical music, watch movies, learn new technologies, languages, travel the world and meet new cultures, races and creeds and aggregating everything good in my life.

Of course, you cannot miss is the presence of friends and family, this being the indispensable ingredient for my life because my career has been correct and integrates. And among friends, families, and customers also contributed so very special in my life, and they are:

Dad (Jorge de Paula), Mom ( Malvina Serafim de Sousa), Margarida Serafim de Sousa, Zadileo Zanlucki, Luís Antônio Panccioni, Wilma Mergulhão, Silvia Guazelli, Jorge Benavent Monfort, Maria de Los Dolores Benavent Monfort, Jefferson Reis, Alcy Thomé da Silva, Abival Pires da Silveira, Leontino Faria dos Santos, Levi Franco de Alvarenga, Charles Martin, Rob Lawrence, Lillian Galindo-Bryson, and  Kathy Farwell.

I am very grateful to many victories given by God and pray to keep every day moving forward without fear of making mistakes.