Computer, iPad and phone vulnerabilities: Spectre and Meltdown

Recently the world learned of a major vulnerability in virtually all computer-based systems which could allow a hacker to steal information like usernames and passwords when accessing Internet sites and services.  These are being referred to as "Spectre" and "Meltdown."   These vulnerabilities affect all Windows and MacIntosh computers, Android phones and iPhones, iPads and Android... Continue Reading →

10 ways to secure your mobile phone

Ways to stay secure So what does this mean for mobile phone users? It means that it’s even more important to stay vigilant about cyber security when using a mobile device. Here are some ways you can protect yourself, your data, and your phone. Lock your phone with a password or fingerprint detection. At the... Continue Reading →

Supporting Adult Education

Click here to send an email or make a phone call supporting adult education. If your legislator is interested, they should contact Senator Reed's office. The deadline for signatures is May 19.

Dow Suffers Longest Losing Streak Since 2011 – The Wall Street Journal

Trump’s new policy to defund “sanctuary cities,” explained in plain English – Vox

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